Thursday, March 17, 2016


I'm acting like a giddy idiot over here but damn, this feels good.

I made my first sale!

I might just get a tattoo to commemorate this day.

I'm overdue for a tattoo anyway. ;)

Item: 1967-1970 era whiskey/liquor glass decanter 
Purchased at: Goodwill
Purchased for: $2.99
Sold for: $16.95 + shipping
Profit: $13.96 before fees

I'm actually quite sad to see this item go. I have a soft spot for vintage things and this one really caught my eye. I put in the description that it would be a great addition to a man cave. If only I had a woman cave I could escape to and be away from the kids ... this would be sitting on my mantle! Oh well. It needed to be sold. 

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